New Club Registration

1. Registration

a) Any NCS member can start an NCS Chess Club as long as there are 2 NCS members in the Club: a leader and one more member. All Club members are to follow NCS rules and regulations.
b) NCS Clubs can also host a National Chess Championship qualifying tournament. (4 registered members are required)
c) There will be only “clubs” and no “circles”.

2. Fees

a) Club fee 3000yen/year
b) Qualifying tournament fee 10,000yen

3. Benefits

a) A discount rate for membership fees is available if a Club collects more than 10 members and pays the fees altogether. (6000yen for adults, 3000yen for U18)
b) NCS Clubs can host tournaments throughout the year including FIDE-rated tournaments (as long as FIDE Tournament Regulations are met)
c) NCS rating registration fee is 200yen per tournament, per player. A rating report can be submitted together if there are more than 1 Club tournaments in a month, and the rating fee will be counted as one tournament’s.
d) The deadline for rating report submission is the 20th of each month. A new rating report will be posted on the 1st of every month.

4. Others

a) The ongoing clubs from JCA which are hosting a qualifying tournament this year are required to pay the fee of 13,000yen by the end of April. Please submit the rating report within 1 week after the tournament is finished.
b) We may ask a new club to change/arrange its new name if there are any conflicts with already registered club names.
c) Clubs are responsible for running their tournaments under NCS regulations and also responsible for dealing with any problems that might come up within the clubs or at their tournaments.

Rating report: