Registered Clubs

As of March 10 2019 (including clubs that have not paid the dues)

Chiba Chess Club Mr. Taniguchi 
Nagoya Chess Club Mr. Horie
Hiroshima Chess Circle Mr. Furukawa
Hamamatsu Chess Circle Mr. Akinaga
Osaka En Passant Chess Club Mr. Tabe
Imari Chess Circle Mr. Yamaguchi
Sappporo Chess Club Mr. Sugimoto
Kobe Chess Club Mr. Okada
Tokyo Chess Meetup Rafael Caetano dos Santos
Sendai Chess Club Mr. Takahashi 
Nagasaki Chess Circle Mr. Kobayashi
Tokyo International Chess Club Velusamy Pavethynath
Tachikawa Chess Club Ms. Muto
University Chess Federation Mr. Mitsui 
Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club Mr. Tatsumi
Kitasenju Chess Club Mr. Tabata

*As for Fukuoka Chess Club, the organizer, Mr. Sonomoto did not respond to NCS requests to provide us with the official results of the qualifying tournament despite several attempts made. As a result, we had no choice but to not register the Club as an NCS club. The players who have played at the tournament and also registered with NCS, will have their membership accepted and will have their rating calculated for March Rating list. The player who qualified for Japan National Chess Championship will retain the status as a qualified player. (Mar11/2019)