A VERY attractive university Tournament in China!

There is new information available on a team tournament in China in November for university students.

We have a tentative team created for this event!! 

This tournament is not only for university students but also for graduates and professors and teachers! Basically anybody with university relations:) And they can come from different schools…! What a great deal! The only rule is to make sure to have at least 1 female player. 
The team consists of 3 players and a captain and a coach.
The organizer will pay for the hotel, food and also give EACH person 7000RMB (roughly US$1000!!!) for travel expenses! Sounds like a dream tournament to me…! Let’s get a great teach together from Japan.

Please email at info@japanchess.org if you are interested. If there are more than 5 people interested, we will choose based on their rating. Japanese passport holders will not require a visa to go to China if the trip is for pleasure and less than 15 days!
Please check the details from the link https://japanchess.org/en/asia/.