2020 Membership fees

Yearly membership (New fee is in effect from December 2019)
Adults: 6300yen
U23: 4200yen
U19: 3200yen
U15: 2200yen
* If you renew and complete the payment before the existing membership expires, you will get 2 months extension on your membership!
* The fee applies on the day the membership fee is fully paid.
Example: If you are born on March 23 1997, it is 4200yen if you renew and complete the payment on March 20 2020. The fee is 6300yen if you complete the renewal and the payment on March 25 2020.

1-time membership (New fee is in effect from January 2020)
Adults: 2200yen
U15: 1200yen
* This membership is good for just one tournament. This membership does not count towards any qualification for any championship tournaments.

Yearly membership benefits:
You can participate in any NCS or FIDE rated tournaments.
You will have your rating updated every month (when you play at NCS rated tournaments)
You will receive a password for our online newsletter every month
You will receive a discount for NCS organized events
You can start an NCS club and host tournaments
You will have a chance to qualify for Japan Championship

  • non members are not allowed to participate in NCS rated tournaments. You will need to have at least a 1-time membership to play.
  • Only NCS members are allowed to organize NCS rated tournaments.
  • Yearly membership is good for 12 months from the date you complete your registration payment. If you register between the 25th and the end of the month, you will get the rest of that month plus 12 more months.
  • There is no more club member discount

NCS Registered Clubs
NCS members can start a club (2 members minimum)
The fee to register a club is 3000yen

Official Club benefits:
A club can host a qualifying tournament for Japan Chess Championship. (the fee is 8000yen)
A club can host as many NCS-rated tournaments as possible.
A club can host a FIDE-rated tournament. (FIDE rules apply)
A discount for participating in the Team Championship as an NCS club.
Advertisement of tournaments or events on NCS official site.

Rating Report Fee
200yen/person/month (NCS or FIDE toutnaments)

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