2020 Calendar

Updated on May 19

Online Events

Past Events

NCS Online Trial14/18Blitz U1800
NCS Online Trial24/25Blitz O1800, U1800
NCS Online 1st5/2Blitz Open, U1600
NCS Online 2nd5/9Blitz Open, U1600
NCS Online 3rd5/16Blitz Open, U1600

Upcoming Events

NCS Rapid Online League5/24Rapid, 5R Swiss
NCS Online 4th5/30Blitz Open, U1600
NCS Online 5th6/6Blitz Open, U1600
NCS Online 6th6/13Blitz Open, U1600

Cancelled and Upcoming OTB Events

New Year Chess Fes.1/11NCS 4R
Tokyo Chess Champ.CancelledNCS 6R
Spring Chess ChallengeCancelledNCS 5R
Japan Chess Champ.PostponedFIDE 9R
GW OpenCancelledNCS 7R
Bashamichi Chess PartyCancelledUnofficial
Baji-Chess PartyCancelledUnofficial
Japan Rapid Chess Champ.CancelledNCS 9R
Japan Chess Classic7/23-26FIDE 7R
Japan Women Chess Champ.8/1-2FIDE 5R
Japan Senior Chess Champ.8/1-2FIDE 5R
Japan Junior Chess Champ.8/14-16FIDE 7R
Japan Cadets Chess Champ.8/15-16NCS 6R
Japan Team Chess Champ.9/19-21NCS 6R
TOKYO Chess Fes.10/3-4NCS 6R
Chess Challenge 410/4NCS 5R

Upcoming OTB Events

Japan Open (??)10/31FIDE 7R
Christmas Chess Party12/13NCS 4R
Chess Challenge 512/13NCS 5R

* The dates and schedules are subject to change due to COVID-19.