Japan Chess Championship 2020

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21st Argentina Cup

  • Dates/Venue: October 31-November 3 / “Kyurian” (Across from JR Oimachi Station), Tokyo.
  • Time Control: 7R, Swiss. 90min+30sec/move, NCS and FIDE rated.
  • Playing Schedule:
Date Day Time
10/31 Sat 10:00 Venue opens
10:30 Technical meeting
10:45 Round 1
15:30 Round 2
11/1 Sun 10:00 Round 3
15:00 Round 4
11/2 Mon 10:00 Round 5
15:00 Round 6
11/3 Tue 10:00 Round 7
15:00 Prize giving ceremony

※The party after the tournament is cancelled this year.

  • Entry:
    Entry Criteria: Open to qualified players who are full-term NCS members on the day of the tournament. (Non Japanese FIDE players can participate and win prizes, but they are not entitled to receive the Japan Champion title.)
    Entry fee: 20,000yen.
    Registration: “registration@japanchess.org”
    Registration Deadline: October 23, 20:00.
    Payment Deadline: October 27, 12:00.
  • Prizes:
    Top 5 players. 1st prize: 50,000yen and a plaque, 2nd prize: 30,000yen, 3rd prize: 10,000yen, 4th prize: 5,000yen, 5th prize: 5,000yen. Top female, Junior(U-18), and Senior(O-50) players will receive a commemorative gift. Tie-breaks will be used to determine winners. No two players will share the prize.
    The winner will also receive a special Champion Cup from Argentine Ambassador!
  • Qualifiers:
    (1) Top 3 players (not including players who are already qualified) will be selected as official players for the 2020 Chess Olympiad which will be held next year. (Refer to “2020 Chess Olympiad Players Selection Criteria” on the website).
    (2) Top 10 players will qualify for the next Japan Chess Championship.
    (3) Top female, Junior(U-18), and Senior(O-50) players (except who are already qualified) will qualify for the next Japan Chess Championship.
    (4) 2020 Chess Olympiad members are eligible to play at the next Japan Chess Championship.
    (5) Those (2) -(4) are applied for this year only.
  • Tie-breaks:
    1. Direct encounter, 2. Buchholz Cut-1, 3. Buchholz, 4. Sonneborn-Berger, 5. Sum of the rating of the opponents, 6. Drawing lots.
  • Default time:
    Default time is 30min. If any player is not present within half an hour after the game started, s/he shall lose the game by default. The game is not rated.
  • Pre-registered byes:0.5 point bye requests will be accepted before round 1 begins. 0 points are given for the last round. If a player has more than 1 pre-requested byes, the player will not qualify for prizes, nor qualify for Japan Chess Championship, and nor the Olympiad Selection. Pairing-allocated bye will be 1 point.
  • The organizer will provide chess equipment including clocks and score sheets.
  • Players must record all moves. Once the game is finished, both players sign both score sheets and hand over the original score sheets to the arbiters. Make sure the results are correct before signing.
  • All electronic devices have to be turned off and stored away. Not to be touched or carried out of the playing room during the game. If a player is found with a mobile device during her/his game, the player loses the game. Any violation will result in a loss of game. This game is rated. Observers are also not allowed to use electronic devices in the playing room.
  • Observers are allowed to take photos for the first 10 min. of each game, including the use of a mobile but after 10minutes, all mobiles have to be put away by the observers and they are not allowed to use them in the playing room. Exception for people with a special permission.
  • No observers are allowed inside the venue without permission. Contact NCS before the start of the event.
  • The tournament will follow FIDE rules unless otherwise stated above. (1st illegal move – 2 extra minutes are given to the opponent. 2nd illegal move – loss of the game. Etc.)
  • The pairings will be done according to the FIDE rating. If there are 2 players with the same rating, the NCS rating and the alphabetical order of the players will be used.
  • The organizer reserves the right for changing the above conditions in case of reasonable cases before the first round begins. And please be advised that photographs will be taken at the event for use on the japanchess.org website, in the press and other publications. By entering this event, you consent to the National Chess Society of Japan photographing and using your image and likeness.
  • Organized by National Chess Society of Japan.

COVID-19 Guidelines

(1) Wear a mask or a face covering properly at all times.
(2) No handshaking.
(3) No analysis of games in the rooms. Do so at your own risk.
(4) Use hand sanitizer every time you enter the venue.
(5) If you do not feel well or feel feverish, let the organizers know right away and leave the venue immediately.
(6) We may ask to take your temperature during the game. We will ask you to leave right away if the temperature is above 37.4℃. If this happens, the game is not rated and you lose by forfeit.
*By registering for any event, you agree to the above rules and guidelines.

Player’s list

Players of the Japan Chess Championship 2020


About selection of Olympiad members

If the cancellation of the tournament happens, we will select 3 more Olympiad members according to the ratings. the rating ratio is “FIDE : NCS = 7 : 3”. Those selected members need to be an yearly member and have FIDE ID from Japan federation. February rating list is used. (Please see “Japanese representatives for the Chess Olympiad (2022-)“) To be selected, these 3 players must have their NCS rating newly calculated and updated at least once in 2020.
These players must also have been playing under Japan Federation since May 2019.


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