Chess Challenge 3 part 2

*Entries have reached the capped number.

Chess Challenge 3 – Part 2 will be held in the afternoon on the same day as Chess Challenge 3.
Original morning Challenge 3 filled out so quickly!! If you missed the registration, here is your chance. Welcome newcomers! Come play chess!
You are welcome to participate in both morning and afternoon sessions. (If you win a prize in the morning, you will not be eligible for the afternoon prize.)

No observers are allowed without permission. Please contact NCS. You need to have the permission the day before your requested date. No permission is given on the day of the event.


Dates/Venue/Time Control:

March 7th(Sun) 13:45~17:00
/Shinagawa Ward General Kumin Hall “Kyurian” (Across from JR Oimachi Station), 4th floor .
3R Swiss. 15min+10sec/move, Rapid, NCS rated.
Limited to 16 participants. There will be 2 groups of 8 players


Entry fee: 2000yen, For NCS members only (yearly or 1-time tournament members)
Beginners, UR players, <1400 players
Registration: email at
Registration: Between Feb. 22nd 20:00 and March.3rd 20:00. (Only 16 spots) *Entries have reached the capped number.
Payment Deadline: Between Feb. 25th and March. 4th 12:00.
See : Bank account information


13:30 Venue opens
13:45 Technical Meeting
14:00 Round 1
15:00 Round 2
16:00 Round 3
17:05 Prize giving


A small gift prize for the top 3 players! Participation prize for all players!
(If you win the first version of the tournament, you will be not counted for prize winner of this one.)

Other regulations

  • The default time is 5 min. from the start of each game. If any player is not present 5min. after the game started, he/she shall lose the game by default. The game is not rated.
  • Please email NCS if you are late or will not be able to participate.
  • All electronic devices including a smartwatch have to be turned off and stored away. Not to be touched or carried out of the playing room during the game. If a player is found with a mobile device during his/her game, the player loses the game.
  • Spectators are allowed to take photos for the first 10 min. of each game, including the use of a mobile but after 10 minutes, all mobiles have to be put away by the spectators and they are not allowed to use them in the playing room.
  • All players have to agree to the above rules and the COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • No observers are allowed without permission. Please contact NCS. You need to have the permission the day before your requested date. No permission is given on the day of the event.
  • The tournament will follow FIDE rules unless otherwise stated above. (1st illegal move – 2 extra minutes are given to the opponent. 2nd illegal move – loss of the game. etc.)
  • The organizer will provide chess equipment including clocks.
  • The organizer reserves the right for changing the above conditions in case of reasonable cases before the first round begins. And please be advised that photographs will be taken at the event for use on the website and in the press, and other publications. By entering this event, you consent to the National Chess Society of Japan photographing and using your image and likeness.
  • Parings and results will be on

Organized by:

National Chess Society of Japan
(Japan Chess Federation)


(1) Wear a mask or a face covering properly at all times.
(2) No handshaking.
(3) No analysis of games in the rooms. Do so at your own risk.
(4) Use hand sanitizer every time you enter the venue.
(5) If you do not feel well or feel feverish, let the organizers know right away and leave the venue immediately.
(6) We may ask to take your temperature during the game. We will ask you to leave right away if the temperature is above 37.4℃. If this happens, the game is not rated and you lose by forfeit.