Japan Chess Championship Qualifier Tournaments 2021

The list of Qualifying Tournaments for Japan Chess Championship 2021.

Hyogo Chess Championship in Kobe is postponed.
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Qualified players for Japan Chess Championship 2021

Chiba Chess Championship

Date: 2/27(Sat)-28(Sun)
Venue: Chiba Shimin-Kaikan (7min from JR Chiba station)
Format: 5 Round Swiss, 30min + 30 sec/move
Email: Ogasa, Seiichi (sunking@navy.plala.or.jp)
Tel:  Chiba chess club (090-6019-3340)
Organized by: Chiba Chess Club
PDF of the Regulations (Japanese only)


Aichi Chess Championship

Date: 2/28(Sun)
Venue: Nagoya, Geijutsu Sozo Centre
Format: 4 Round Swiss, 30min + 30 sec/move
Email: Takahiro, Horie (nagoyachessclub@gmail.com)
Organized by: Nagoya Chess Club


Osaka Chess Championship

Date: 3/7(Sun)
Venue: Osaka, Minato Kumin Centre
Format: 4 Round Swiss, 35min + 30 sec/move
Email: Masaharu Tabe (osakaenpassant@gmail.com)
Organized by: Osaka En-passant Chess Club

Tokyo Chess Championship

Date: 3/20(Sat)-21(Sun)
Venue: Tokyo, Oimachi, “Kyurian”
Format: 6 Round Swiss, 45min + 30 sec/move, Capped at 56 participants
Email: NCS (registration@japanchess.org)
Registration: Mar. 1st 20:00-Mar. 17th 20:00
Entry fee payment period: Mar. 11th-Mar. 18th 12:00
Organized by: NCS (See Tokyo Chess Championship)

Hokkaido Chess Championship

Date: 3/27(Sat)-28(Sun)
Venue: Sapporo, KADERU2.7
Format: 5 Round Swiss, 40min + 30 sec/move
Email: Koichi, Sugimoto (sapporochessclub@gmail.com)
Organized by: Sapporo Chess Club

Hyogo Chess Championship in Kobe

Date: 3/28(Sun)
Venue: Kobe Fukae Kaikan
Format: 4 Round Swiss
Email: Mitsuhiro, Okada (mitsvsop@gmail.com)
Organized by: Kobe Chess Club

2021 Japan Championship Qualifying Tournaments Results