NCS Sunday Cup 2021


NCS’s second online rapid tournament, “NCS Sunday Cup 2021” will start this May!!


Preliminary Rounds:

Open to all NCS members (excluding selected players from (1) and (2) below)

  • Open1: May 9th
  • Open2: May 23rd

Grand Prix Rounds: Invitational

  • GP1: June 6th
  • GP2: July 11th
  • GP3: August 22nd
  • GP4: September 12th
  • GP5: October 17th
  • GP6: November 14th
    *Starting GP2, players are required to have Zoom with a working camera

Grand Final Round

  • December 19th


  • Prelim rounds: 1st place – 5000yen, 2nd place – 3000yen, 3rd place – 2000yen.
    PLUS moodcoins from!!!
  • Moodcoins: 1st place – 50000, 2nd place – 30000, 3rd place – 20000 (Prelim 2 -4th place – 20000, 5th place – 10000)
  • Grand Prix rounds: (more than 60000yen in total).

Tournament Details

Play Format:

  • 5-Round – 15 min+10 sec/move
  • 10min break between each round
  • R1 – 13:00, R2 – 14:00, R3 – 15:00, R4 – 16:00, R5 – 17:00
  • Preliminary rounds on Grand Prix rounds on

Player section:

(1) NCS Rapid Online Championship 2020 final 6 players.
(2) Top 8 players from April NCS Rating list (if declined, next player on the list will have a chance to play. (up to 8 players)
(3) Top 6 players from preliminary rounds.
A total of 20 players will play in the Grand Prix rounds.

Participation Fee:

1,000yen (excluding (1) players)
Payment to be made before May 5th
See: Bank account information


Email at to register before the end of April (except for the players in above (1)). Top players on the April rating list (players in (2)) will start participating in June.

Preliminary Open rounds rules:

  • 14 players from above (1)  (2) will be selected before the start of the first round.
  • Any NCS member can participate (excluding players from (1)  (2)).
  • Top 3 players from each prelim round will be selected to play in the Grand Prix rounds.
  • Top 3 players from the first prelim round can not play in the second prelim round.
    ( tie-break to be used as TB1, NCS rating to be used as TB2).

Grand Prix rounds rules:

  • Earn GP points each round.
  • 1st: 10GP 2nd: 7GP 3rd: 5GP 4th-5th: 3GP 6th-7th: 2GP 7th-20th: 1GP
  • Best 3 out of 6 results’ GP points will be combined as total.
  • The top six players with the highest GP points advance to the championship game.
    (Best 3 total scores to be used as TB1. Best 3 result’s TB to be used as TB2)

Grand Final rules:

  • 6 players will battle against each other to achieve the title of Japan Online Rapid Chess Champion!
  • tie-break to be used as TB1, Grand Prix result to be used as TB2.
    (TB1=Sonne-born Berger)

Other rules:


  • If or NCS suspects any cheating by a player, the player’s result will be deleted. No exception!
  • NCS reserves the right to penalize the player including suspension of membership.
  • Prize will be given 1 month after the tournament is finished.
  • It is possible to experience a temporary loss of internet connectivity on your computer. If that happens and you lose the game, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to change the result. Internet problems are generally your responsibility. Please check your connection before the tournament starts. We recommend refreshing the tournament page before the start as well. (Updated on 6/12)

Live streaming

  • NCS official YouTube channel will broadcast the event live!
  • The participants agree to the use of their name and/or username on the online platforms on NCS’s social media including Twitter and YouTube.

Selected Players

Abe Taro
Aoshima Mirai
Baba Masahiro
Cabrol Puig Eduard
Furuya Masahiro
Higashino Tetsuo
Higashishiba Teruomi
Hirao Satoshi
Koh You Liang
Nakamura Naohiro
Nanjo Ryosuke
Okabe Yuma
Sakai Enju
Scott Tyler
Shiomi Ryo
Tran Thanh Tu
Yamada Kohei


Sunday Cup 2021

Sunday Cup 2021 OPEN

NCS Sunday Cup Grand Prix

NCS Sunday Cup 2021 Grand Prix Final