NCS Sunday Cup Open


The renewed NCS Rapid Online Championship is back – the NCS Sunday Cup with the open preliminary rounds added!

The open prelim rounds are open to all NCS members, regardless of level!

A total of 20 players, including 6 winners from the Open prelim rounds and 14 invited players, will compete to advance to the Grand Final. Come join and compete with the best players in Japan in this monthly online tournament!

We’re looking forward to your participation in this exciting NCS Sunday Cup!

Tournament Basic Info


  • Open 1 : May 9th  (Sun) 13:00~ (finished)
  • Open 2 : May 23th (Sun) 13:00~
  • Venue:

Time Control/Format

  • 5-Round Swiss, 15 min+10 sec/move, Rapid
  • Pairing and tie-break will be set according to the settings on
  • Top 3 players from each open preliminary rounds will be selected to play in the Grand Prix rounds.
    • Top 3 players from the first open preliminary round can not play in the second one.
    • If the winner declines to participate in the Grand Prix round, the participation right will be transferred to the next ranked player.


  • Requirements : Any NCS member can participate, except for  invited players. (List of invited players : here)
  • Entry Fee: 1,000yen (for the entire tournament)
  • Registration: Email at “” with the following information.
    • Name
    • lichess account name
    • Which round you want to attend (Open 1, Open 2 or both)
  • Registration Deadline for Open1 : May 5th (Wed) 20:00
  • Registration Deadline for Open2 : May 19th (Wed) 20:00
  • Payment Deadline : The payment must be made before the start of the tournament in which you will participate.
    See: Bank account information


Top 3 players. 1st prize: 5,000yen, 2nd prize: 3,000yen, 3rd prize: 2,000yen.

These 3 players will be eligible to participate in the NCS Sunday Cup Grand Prix Qualifier.

Additional prize from 1st – 50,000, 2nd – 30,000, 20,000 MoodCoins. (1,000 MoodCoins = 1 dollar)

*4th and 5th player will also get the prize from in Open 2: 4th – 20,000, 5th – 10,000.

Other rules:

  • Anti-cheating measures will be taken as follows.
    • If or NCS suspects any cheating by a player, the player’s result will be delated.
    • NCS will take disciplinary action against the player who has committed malicious cheating.
  • NCS official YouTube channel will broadcast the event live! The participants agree to the use of their name and username on the online platforms on NCS’s social media including Twitter and YouTube.
  • Prize will be given 1 month after the tournament is finished.
  • It is possible to experience a temporary loss of internet connectivity on your computer. If that happens and you lose the game, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to change the result. Internet problems are generally your responsibility. Please check your connection before the tournament starts. We recommend refreshing the tournament page before the start as well.


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NCS Sunday Cup Grand Prix

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