Rookies Chess – a chess event for newbie chess players

This is an online event especially for those who are new to playing chess. Volunteers will be there to help you analyze your game after each round. You can ask any questions you may have about chess itself or how to analyze your games and so on. Sign up and try some games online and learn how to go about playing chess!!!

The games will be held on and we will use zoom to analyze and talk about each game afterwards. The camera is not mandatory but please make sure the microphone works so that we can chat!

After 3 rounds, let’s get on zoom together and share your experience and talk about chess or ask questions about chess! Experienced volunteers will join your zoom call and answer questions. Have a drink and some snacks ready and enjoy some fun talk at the end! You can join for as long or as short as you like and a camera is not mandatory. You do not need to stay at all so feel free to sign up!

This event is open to non-NCS members who are new to chess. If you are beginners and/or your rating is lower than 1200, sign up and have some fun time on!


Date: July 3rd 2021

Platform: and zoom (we will send you a zoom link 1 day before the event)

Time control: 15min + 10sec/move

Tournament format: 3 rounds, Rapid (no change in NCS rating)


Entry fee: 1500yen for NCS members, 3000yen for non-NCS members
Entries are accepted from June 9th 20:00 to June 29th 20:00

Payment deadline: June 30th 15:00

Registration: email at Please include your name and account name. If you do not have an account with, please go to and create one beforehand. (it is free to create an account on


Date Time Schedule
7/3(Sat) 13:00 sign-in to the tournament link
13:30 Round 1
14:30 Round 2
15:30 Round 3
after the last round Zoom chat

Event Details:

  • After each round for each game, both players and 1 volunteer will join on zoom to analyze the game together.
  • The zoom chat after the final round is not mandatory and you can join with zoom camera or without.
  • Zoom chat after each round will require a microphone so please test to make sure it is working before the start of the event and please use your real name to join.
  • Entry fee payment accounts are listed here

The event is organized by: National Chess Society of Japan (Japan Chess Federation)