NCS Online Senior’s Chess Tournament



Dates/Venue/Time Control:

Dates: Sunday July 25st 2021

Playing platform:

Time Control: 15min+10sec/move

Format: 5 Rounds Swiss, NCS Rapid rated

Entry fee/Registration:

Entry Criteria: Senior NCS members (yearly or 1-time tournament members)
The participants must be 50 years old or older as of January 1st 2021.

Entry Fee: 1,500yen (Payment deadline – July 22nd)
See <Bank account information>

Registration: email at

Playing Schedule:

13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00


  • Amazon Gift Card: 1st – 5,000, 2nd – 3,000, 3rd – 2,000 yen
    1st place for U1400 – 2,000 yen
  • Additional prize from 1st – 100,000, 2nd – 80,000, 3rd – 50,000, and 1st place U1400 – 50,000. MoodCoins. (1,000 MoodCoins = 1 dollar)
  • Tie-breaks will be used to determine winners. No two players will share the prize.

Other information:

  • Make sure your membership is valid in order to play. NCS yearly membership fee is 6300yen for adults, 4200yen for the ages between 19 and 22, 3200yen for 15 and 18 and 2200yen for 14 and under.
  • Be careful when making moves not to have a “mouse-slip! There is no way to take back an erroneous move.
  • It is possible to experience a temporary loss of internet connectivity on your computer. If that happens and you lose the game, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to change the result. Internet problems are generally your responsibility. Please check your connection before the tournament starts. We recommend refreshing the tournament page before the start as well. 
  • Tie-breaks: (1) Buchholz Cut-1, (2) Sonneborn-Berger, (3) Sum of the NCS rapid ratings of the opponents.
  • Zoom will be used to contact participants. We will send you a zoom link before the tournament so please have it ready. You do not need to have the camera. This is only used to send messages during the tournament if there are any problems.
  • Make sure to log onto live chess 5min before the start of the game or you may lose by forfeit.
  • Do not play any other games on during the tournament.
  • The participants agree to the use of their name and username on the online platforms on NCS’s social media including Twitter and YouTube.
  • Fair Play:
    Games are subject to monitoring by anti-cheating software. Players must abide by fair play rules.  That means no assistance from any source including chess engines, databases, books, notes, other players, analysis on chess boards etc.  Fair play rulings by are FINAL. If some cheating is suspected and reported by, the player’s game’s result will be deleted and further penalty may be imposed.


National Chess Society of Japan (NCS)