Results of New Year Chess Festival 2022

Tournament Info:

January 16th 2022
“Kyurian” in Tokyo
4R Swiss. 30min+30sec/move
NCS rapid rated tournament
OPEN 30 players
U1500 28 players

New Year Chess Festival 2022 (Regulations)



1st – Ogawa, Tomie 4.0/4 pts
2nd – Makino, Mitsunori 3.5
3rd – Furuya, Masahiro 3.5


1st – Mizuma, Ryo 4.0
1st – Kamate, Aiyu 4.0
3rd – Yamada, Atsushi 3.0

See the NCS Letter for more information.


YouTube Live

At New Year Chess Festival, the top board and the second board were broadcasted live on YouTube.
FM Kohei Yamada, who is well known on YouTube and OPENREC.TV NCS channel, was the play-by-play announcer, and Taro Shinoda joined the commentary from the third round.
There were also interviews with the participants and guest commentators who jumped in to commentate, making for a very lively broadcast.
Please check it out!