Come to the TGIF Blitz 2022!

Starting January 2021, our official club National Chess Society of Japan on will have a monthly blitz tournament every 3rd Friday.

That’s the TGIF Blitz Tournament!


  • Starts at 21:00 on the 3rd Friday every month
  • 3min+2sec/move, 7 rounds Swiss system
  • venue: NCS Official Chess Club in
  • Everyone is welcome to play, even if you are a non-NCS member!
  • Please become a member of NCS official club on to play!
  • We will post the top 3 players on our website. Our aim is to have many people join and have fun playing some quick easy games online!


Starts at 21:00!
venue: NCS Official Chess Club in


13th 1/21 (Fri)
14th 2/18 (Fri)
15th 3/18 (Fri)
16th 4/15 (Fri)
17th 5/20 (Fri)
18th 6/17 (Fri)
19th 7/22 (Fri)
20th 8/19 (Fri)
21st 9/16 (Fri)
22nd 10/21 (Fri)
23rd 11/18 (Fri)
24th 12/16 (Fri)