Revision of NCS Rating Regulations (effective September 1, 2022)


The number of games, which are required to calculate the initial rating of an Unrated Player (UR) who does not have either an NCS rating or a FIDE rating and whose initial rating has not been determined, has been changed from “5 or more games” to “4 or more games”.
In addition, reports from NCS registered clubs have been revised to conform to the actual situation. For other changes, please refer to the old/new comparison table.

Background and Purpose

Until the January 31, 2021 revision, a minimum of 5 games for the calculation of the initial rating of UR, as the FIDE Regulations required. However, since most one-day tournaments in Japan have four games, the number of games required for the calculation was changed to four in the September 1, 2022 edition.

Effective Date

September 1, 2022


Rating Department:


Rating Regulations (Link)
Rating Regulations New/Old (English version will be uploaded later)
FIDE Handbook ( 7. Official FIDE Rating List 7.1.4)