COVID-19 Guidelines 3rd Edition

Some provisions have been revised to conform to actual operations at the tournaments.  Separate revisions will be made in light of the currently planned changes of the position of COVID-19 under the Infectious Disease Control Law and the related revision of the mask-wearing rule, etc.


(Revised on February 1st, 2021)


(1) A new non-woven mask must be worn (*1) properly (*2) at all times in the venue.  In case of violation, a warning will be given for the first time and a penalty will be imposed for the second and subsequent times.

(*1) It is permitted to remove the mask for a short period of time during meal times as described in (2) below, and when drinking beverages and eating snacks.

(*2) Covering the mouth and nose

(2) Do not eat in the playing rooms.

(Eating in the waiting room is allowed if approved by the organizer and facility manager.  Drinks and snacks are also allowed in the playing room.)

(3) No handshaking.

(4) No analysis of games in the rooms. Do so at your own risk.

(5) Use hand sanitizer every time you enter the venue.

(6) If you do not feel well or feel feverish, let the organizers know right away and leave the venue immediately.

(7) We may ask to take your temperature during the game.  We will ask you to leave right away if the temperature is 37.5℃ or above. If this happens, the game is not rated and you lose by forfeit.


By registering for any event, you agree to the above rules and guidelines.


The organizers will follow these guidelines.


(1) Take temperature daily before the start of the first round.

(2) Open windows and doors regularly to air out as possible.

(3) Sanitize all equipment after each round.

(4) Visitors must be registered in advance and their names and contact information must be obtained.