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Greetings from National Chess Society of Japan – NCS

Greetings to all chess players and chess enthusiasts!

Once you become a member of NCS, you will be able to play at all member tournaments including club tournaments. You will also receive a regular e-newsletter with a special member-only link where you can see some game analysis of various players.

Our aim is to provide opportunities in Japan to play and learn chess, by creating an inclusive environment where both domestic and international players can improve their skills and test their abilities.

This is the only FIDE recognized organization in Japan. We will continue to work on organizing more FIDE tournaments, and encourage players to go abroad to play and gain experience in many countries.

Love of the game called CHESS is the base of this organization. There are 189 countries registered with FIDE under the same basic belief. FIDE presidency has changed in 2019 and so will Japanese chess. Let’s all work together and make chess in Japan more fun!