Stricter COVID-19 measures

All players have to follow the revised COVID-19 guidelines.

In addition, the players have to agree to the rules below while the stricter COVID-19 measures to be applied.


(Updated on March 4th 2022)


  1. Fill out and sign a health self-check sheet before the first round each morning during the competition (temperature record, whether you have been tested positive or have symptoms of COVID-19, whether you have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, whether you have and are wearing a new non-woven mask, whether you do not have a sore throat and/or cough, whether you are not feeling sick and your phone number).

  2. No observers including players after the match. (One parent/guardian per underage player may be allowed to enter the venue.)

  3. A new non-woven mask must be worn at all times covering your mouth and nose fully. Failure to follow will result in a penalty: The player will be penalized for the second warning, and the third warning will result in the loss of the game.

  4. No game analysis in the venue or in the waiting room.

  5. It is STRONGLY suggested to avoid group gatherings (dining etc) during the tournament. (except gatherings of same household members)