Becoming a member of NCS

Become a member of NCS:

  1. Please fill out the form in this link: membership registration
  2. Pay the membership fee (see below)
  3. Your registration is complete once you receive an email with your NCS ID!
    *Please check your “junk mail” folder, “promotions” folder, etc. if you have not received the email.
    In case you did not receive the email, please contact us at

Membership Fees

Yearly membership1-time tournament membership
19-22 years old4200yen2200yen
15-18 years old3200yen2200yen
14 and under2200yen1200yen

* Yearly membership is good for 12 months once the fee has been paid. If registered after the 26th of each month, that month is included in the membership
* 1-time tournament membership is only good for that tournament

For current members: you will have 2 extra months extension (14-months renewal) if you complete your renewal before your membership expires!

Membership benefits

yearly membership1-time tournament membership
Entry to NCS/FIDE tournamentsGood for that tournament only
Establishment of NCS/FIDE rating
Requesting and acquiring FIDE ID *
Bimonthly NCS magazine
Organization of a new NCS club
Authorization of tournament organization
Qualification for National/International tournaments
Discount for NCS organized events

* See: Participation in FIDE rated events in Japan

Bank account information

Mizuho Bank

Omori Branch:  196 (Ota Market branch is a part of Omori Branch. Please select 196 Omori Branch when transferring)
Account No:  3048765

Yuucho Bank

(transfer between yuucho banks)
【Branch No】11390
【Account No】19072181
【Account Name】シャ)ナショナル チェス ソサエティー オブ ジャパン

(transfer from other banks)
【Branch Name】一三八(ichi san hachi)
【Branch No】138
【Account】 chequing
【Account No】1907218
【Account Name】シャ)ナショナル チェス ソサエティー オブ ジャパン