Tokyo Chess Championship Final Results

Thank you for participating at Tokyo Chess Championship! With 67 players participating, the tournament was a great success. There were a lot of exciting and amazing games created across the board! Well done everyone!!

The top 3 players in each category:
1st:Aoshima, Mirai 5.5
2nd:Kojima, Shinya 5.0
3rd:Schweizer, Simon 5.0
A GROUP  (U2001)
1st:Voronin, Andrey 4.5
2nd:Matsuyama, Koya 4.5
3rd:Ogasa, Seiichi 4.0
B GROUP (U1601)
1st:Muto, Yuhiro 3.5
2nd:Nagataki, Kota 3.5
3rd:Abe, Yuta 3.5
C GROUP (U1201)
1st:Saito, Hiromasa 2.5
2nd:Dos Santos, Rafael Caetano 2.0
3rd:Deo, Aarushi 2.0


The players who qualified for Japan National Chess Championship are:
Schweizer, Simon
Matsuo, Tomohiko
Voronin, Andrey
Ogasa, Seiichi
Asaka, Samuel (Tokyo Area qualifier)
Matsumoto, Yoshitaro
Higashishiba, Teruomi
Zhu, Huachun (not participating)
Kitamura, Masashi
Tanaka, Hiroto
Sakai, Enju

The players will receive an email after April 7th about the Championship tournament. The final list of players will be announced around April 27th. The Championship entry fee payment is due before April 25th.

Tokyo Chess Championship expense report  
  income   expenses
Entry fees 340,000    
Venue rental     103200
Transportation     3950
*Prizes, fees     138918
Supplies     26009
Total income 340,000    
Expense amount total     272077
Left in the bank 67923    
*Prize cash, plaques, volunteer and arbiter fees