2022 Chess Olympiad Selection Criteria Ver.3

NCS has published 2022 Chess Olympiad Criteria on 12/30/2019. After that, NCS has revised on 12/28/2020 and updated on 7/1/2021. Due to the pandemic and the cancellation of important tournaments both NCS’s and FIDE’s, some amendments had to be made to the 2022 Chess Olympiad Criteria again. And this is the version updated on 9/19/2021 for making clear who is an active player. These changes only apply to this upcoming 2022 Chess Olympiad.

1. Selection conditions/terms

A player:

  1. is a full-term NCS member
  2. *has been playing under Japan chess federation for at least 2 years since transferring federations from other countries  (For 2022 Olympiad, the transfer has to have been completed before May 15 2020)
  3. has had his/her standard NCS rating calculated at least 4 times by NCS ***in the last 3 years

*This applies to players who switched federations only.
**A level tournaments : Japan Chess Championship, Women’s Chess Championship and Japan Open
(Japan Chess Championship 2021 which was cancelled in May counts as one of the A-level and FIDE tournaments for the qualified players.)
*** “In the last 3 years” means March 2019 to March 2022.

2. Selection Criteria


  1. Top player of Japan Open 2021. And top 2 players of the  Chess Championship 2022. Top female player of Japan Open 2021. And top 2 female players of the Japan Chess Championship 2022.Japan
  2. Excluding those determined above, top 2 players with the standard rating ratio of the following: FIDE:NCS = 5:5  (If a player declines, then the next player on the list is selected. April 2022 Rating List is used)

Once the candidates are selected, NCS executives will make the final decision by May 15th 2022. Coaches are in charge of making any decisions during the Olympiad.

The selection deadline and/or the criteria may change depending on the timing of the Olympiad.


Updated: September 19 2021


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