Club Registration and Benefits

Flow of Club Registration

Any member can create an accredited club. The flow for club registration is as follows:

(1) Application
If you wish to register a club, please send an email to with the following information:

    1. Club name (Japanese/English)
    2. Club leader’s name (Japanese/English), Federation ID, and email address
    3. Vice leader’s name, Federation ID, and email address
    4. Main activity location (Japanese/English)

*Both the leader and vice leader must be members of the Federation. You can join the Federation here.

Additionally, if your club has a website or if there are other vice leaders (up to 2), please include that information as well.

(2) Examination by the Federation
After receiving the application, the Federation will conduct an examination. Please wait for a while.

(3) Payment of Registration Fee
Once your club passes the examination, please make a payment of 3,000 yen as the registration fee. After the payment is confirmed, your club will be registered! The registration is valid for one year.


Clubs can enjoy the following benefits:

(1) They can host national rating games. Additional requirements apply, and they can also host FIDE rating games.

(2) They can have information about their hosted tournaments posted on the Federation’s website.

(3) They can host the qualifying tournaments for the Japan Chess Championship.
*Additional hosting fees of 8,000 yen (4,000 yen for regions outside of Kanto) apply.

(4) They can secure priority slots for participating in the Japan Team Chess Championship. Additionally, accredited clubs participating from remote areas are eligible for entry fee discounts.

(5) If there is a shortage of chess sets or clocks for a tournament, the Federation will temporarily lend them to the club.


(1) The club name may need to be changed during the registration process if it overlaps with names of already accredited clubs.

(2) Clubs not conducting activities appropriately may have their registration revoked after deliberation.

(3) The federation is not responsible for any issues arising within club activities.



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