Selection criteria for Japan Chess Championship 2021

Selection criteria for Japan Chess Championship 2021.


  1. Top 5 players and a top female player from Japan Chess Classic 2020. A total of 6 players will be selected.
  2. Top 10 players from Japan Chess Championship 2020. And a top female player, a top junior(U-18) player, and a top senior(O-50) player from the tournament. A total of 13 players will be selected.
  3. The winner of Japan Collegiate Chess Championship.
  4. There will be no roll down in the case that a player qualifies in a subsequent tournament .
  5. 1-time tournament members at the start of the tournament do not qualify in any tournaments.

2. From best 20 players

  1. Top 20 players listed on NCS February 2021 Rating list.
  2. Those selected in 1-a,b,c are excluded.
  3. They must have their NCS rating newly calculated and updated at least once in 2020.
  4. 1-time tournament members are excluded.

3. 10 members of Chess Olympiad which will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2021.

4. From local qualifying tournaments

  1. One player for every 8 participants at all qualifying tournaments, plus 1 player from the hosting club*
    (<8=1player, 8<16=2players, 16<24=3players…and so on)
  2. Players selected by above criteria 1, 2, 3 are excluded.
  3. The organizer can select 1 other player if a qualified player withdraws.

*Each hosting club organizer decides on the terms of club qualification criteria