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To All Chess Fans in Japan


The Japan Chess Federation is an affiliated organization of FIDE (International Chess Federation), founded in 2019. FIDE has around 200 member countries and regions, and chess is loved all around the world. Internationally, chess is not only considered a mere board game but also positioned as a sport. The multifaceted appeal of chess, seen as both science and art, is its distinguishing feature.


Since its inception, the Japan Chess Federation has been dedicated to promoting chess and improving its competitive standards within the country. There have been times when face-to-face activities had to be suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have overcome these challenges through innovative initiatives such as online tournaments and live streaming on the internet. Currently, the chess community in Japan is thriving even more than before the pandemic. We aim to accelerate this momentum and create an environment where chess can be enjoyed by members all over Japan. Our commitment extends to various initiatives, including supporting local clubs, organizing tournaments, and fostering players who can excel on the international stage.


One of the great attractions of chess is that anyone, regardless of age, gender, or nationality, can enjoy it as long as they understand the rules. Chess becomes a common language when you encounter someone with whom you don’t share a spoken language. Why not dive into the vast and profound world of chess yourself?

August 2023

Japan Chess Federation
President: Hiroshi Manabe
Director: Yuki Kurosaka
Director: Taro Shinoda