National Team Selected for Chess Olympiad 2024

We are pleased to announce the national team for the Chess Olympiad 2024, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from September 10 (Tue)  to 23 (Mon). The selected players are listed below in alphabetical order:


Open Section

FM Aoshima, Mirai (1st time)

IM Kojima, Shinya (9th time)

IM Nanjo, Ryosuke (9th time)

CM Tran, Thanh Tu (2nd time)

FM Yamada, Kohei (4th time)

Coach: GM Stojanovic, Mihajlo (Serbia)


Women’s Section

Kinoshita, Kanako (1st time)

Mitsuyama, Rikka (2nd time)

WCM Sakai, Azumi (5th time)

Shibata, Misaki (4th time)

Takayasu, Melody Lady Garcia (1st time)

Coach: GM Petrov, Marian (Bulgaria)


Head of Delegation

Shinoda, Taro



In case of any vacancies, CM Kobayashi, Atsuhiko will serve as a substitute for the open section, and Kato, Ami will be the substitute for the women’s section.


As with the previous event, we plan to provide live broadcasts on YouTube to support the national team, as well as launch a crowdfunding campaign, which is scheduled to start in mid-July. We kindly ask for your continued support and encouragement for our national team.


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