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Tournament Schedule 2019

Dates Name Format
03.23~ 24 Tokyo Chess Championship NCS 6R
04.29~ 05.04 Japan Chess Championship FIDE 10R
05.02~ 04 Golden Week Open FIDE 6R
06.15~ 16 Japan Rapid Chess Championship NCS 10R
06.16 Rapid Chess Challenge! NCS 5R
07.26~ 28 Japan Youth Chess Championship NCS 7R
07.27~ 28 Japan Cadets Chess Championship NCS 6R
08.02~ 04 Japan Women’s Chess Championship FIDE 6R
08.02~ 04 Japan Senior’s Chess Championship FIDE 6R
08.09~ 12 Japan Chess Classic 2019 FIDE 7R
09.21~ 22 Japan Club/Team Chess Championship NCS 6R
10.13~ 14 TOKYO Chess Festival NCS 6R
10.14 Tokyo Chess Challenge! NCS 4R
11.01~ 04 Japan Open FIDE 7R
12.14 Christmas Chess Party! NCS 4R

Updated: August 11 2019
Updates: All dates are confirmed.