Procedures for Obtaining New FIDE ID and Changing Chess Nationality

FIDE ID is an ID number issued by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to chess players around the world. It is required to participate in international and national FIDE-rated chess tournaments.


In principle, FIDE IDs are obtained through the chess federation of the country to which the player belongs, and according to FIDE regulations, the player must be a citizen or resident of that country. The Japan Chess Federation provides the procedure to obtain a FIDE ID to annual members who have Japanese nationality or reside in Japan, when they participate in a FIDE-rated tournament for the first time.


It is not allowed to have more than one FIDE ID, and once a FIDE ID is obtained, the same number will apply for the rest of your life. If you change your place of residence in the future, you may change your chess nationality to your home country or country of residence, but a certain fee will be charged for this procedure.


  1. Obtaining New FIDE ID


(1) Japanese Nationals or Residents in Japan


a) If you are to participating in a FIDE-rated tournament organized by the Japan Chess Federation:

Please select “Obtain a new FIDE ID in Japan” when applying for participation via Peatix. FIDE ID will be assigned before the tournament and will be reflected in MiiT+ and Chess-Results.


b) If you are participating in a FIDE-rated tournament organized by a registered club or an overseas tournament:

Please apply by email to, with your “Name,” “Membership ID,” “Name of the FIDE-rated tournament you are participating in,” and “Date of the tournament.” You should receive your FIDE ID within a week, which will be reflected in MiiT+, and then you will inform the tournament organizer. If you need the FIDE ID in a few days, please mention it in the email.


(2) Foreign Nationals

For those who do not reside in Japan, please apply to the federation of your nationality or the country of your residence.

Those who reside in Japan may obtain a FIDE ID in Japan or in their own country according to (1) above.



  1. Changing the Chess Nationality of an Existing FIDE ID


(1) To Change Chess Nationality from Other Country to Japan

Please contact to


(2) To Change Chess Nationality from Japan to Other Country

Please contact the chess federation of the destination country.