Japan Chess Federation Anti-Doping Code

Japan Chess Federation Anti-Doping Code

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this code is to establish matters concerning anti-doping activities of the Japan Chess Federation (hereinafter referred to as “Federation”).

Article 2 (Applicable person)

This code applies to:

  1. Persons related to Federation, its officers and employees, committee members, etc.
  2. Players
  3. Support staff
  4. Others under Federation authority

Article 3 (Collaboration / Cooperation with JADA)

Federation collaborates, cooperates and supports the anti-doping activities carried out by the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (hereinafter referred to as “JADA”), and is responsible for fulfilling its obligations under Japan Anti-Doping Code (hereinafter referred to as “Japan Code”) and World Anti-Doping Code (hereinafter referred to as “World Code”), and the international standards.

Article 4 (Collaboration / Cooperation with Japan Sports Fairness Commission)

Federation respects the authority and responsibilities of the Japan Sports Fairness Commission (hereinafter referred to as “J-Fairness”) based on the Japanese Code, and collaborates and cooperates with J-Fairness and JADA to ensure the neutrality and independence of the doping inspection system.

Article 5 (roles and responsibilities of Federation)

  1. Federation has the roles and responsibilities stipulated in Article 22 of the Japan Code.
  2. Federation is responsible for fulfilling the requirements as a member of the International Federation under Section 20.3 of the World Code.
  3. Based on international standards for education, Federation shall formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate its education plans for players and support staff.

Article 6 (Role and Duty of Players)

Players have the roles and responsibilities stipulated in Article 24 of the Japan Code.

Article 7 (Role and duty of support staff)

Support staff have the roles and responsibilities stipulated in Article 25 of the Japan Code.

Article 8 (Result management procedure, effect of decision)

All cases accused of violating anti-doping rules shall be dealt with by the organization having jurisdiction over the case, and the decision shall be binding on all national sports federations (including their affiliates and sub-organizations).

Article 9 (Activity evaluation)

  1. Federation shall accept JADA’s evaluation for the activities of the national federations and shall provide materials.
  2. Federation shall cooperate with JADA to improve the matters which require extra attention as the result of the evaluation stated in preceding paragraph.

Article 10 (Appeal)

Regarding the sanctions imposed by JADA on Federation based on Article 12 of the Japanese Code, Federation may appeal to the Japan Sports Arbitration Agency as stipulated in Article of the same code.

Article 11 (binding force of decisions of other signatory parties, etc.)

The decisions made by the signatories of anti-doping agency, appeals agency, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), are automatically binding on JADA and national sports federations in Japan.

Article 12 (Interpretation)

The terms used in this code shall be construed in accordance with the World Code, the Japan Code and the international standards.  In the event of any inconsistency in interpretation, the World Code, the Japan Code and the international standards shall prevail over this code.

Article 13 (Revision and abolition of regulations)

The revision and abolition of this regulation shall be based on the decisions by the Board of Directors.

Supplementary provisions

This code will come into effect on February 14, 2022.

This code with revisions will come into effect on April 12, 2023.


Note: This English version is for reference purposes only.  The Japanese version of this code shall prevail.


Federation Anti-Doping Code [Japanese ver.]