Volunteer Staff Recruitment

The Japan Chess Federation is recruiting volunteer staff.


The Japan Chess Federation’s purpose is to promote and expand chess in Japan, and it engages in activities such as tournament planning and management, rating system administration, magazine production, and live streaming. Almost all of these activities are carried out by volunteers from various backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, residence, or chess experience. Chess players and beginners alike participate in these activities with the shared goal of wanting more people to enjoy chess. There are also many opportunities for personal skill improvement.

Please read the following recruitment details and, if you are interested, feel free to apply. We are looking forward to welcoming those who can support our activities!


Volunteer Staff Benefits

As a volunteer staff member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free annual membership fee for the Japan Chess Federation
  • 50% discount on tournament entry fees (excluding some tournaments)
  • Remuneration (starting from ¥3,000 per month)


Application Requirements

We expect volunteer staff to have smooth communication in Japanese and be proficient in text communication using a PC or smartphone.


List of Recruiting Staff

We are looking for individuals to assist with the following activities:

  • Inquiry handling, membership management (Membership Department)
  • Rating calculation, data analysis (Rating Department) <Finished>
  • Preparations for events (Events Department)
  • Web design, page creation (Public Relations Department)
  • Video editing, streaming planning (Live Streaming Department)
  • Chess Magazine design, document proofreading (Editing Department)


Application Process

Please attach your resume in PDF format and apply through this form.


Hiring Process

Applicants will go through the following steps to determine their acceptance:

  1. Online interview
  2. Internal federation discussions and acceptance decision
       (If accepted)
  3. Written training
  4. Probationary period (approximately one month)
  5. Formal employment