About Federation

Japan Chess Federation is the only organization in Japan which is recognized by FIDE.  Japan Chess Federation strives to provide opportunities in Japan to play and learn chess which is played all over the world, and to promote chess communities in Japan.


Name and Address

Japan Chess Federation
Address: 2-11-3-101, Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0014
Link to Hojin registration: Hojin

Directors and Auditor

President (Representative Director):  Hiroshi Manabe
Director:  Yuki Kurosaka
Director:  Taro Shinoda

Auditor:  Taro Ozawa

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Founder: Yumiko Hiebert

Advisor: Akihiro Yamada

Supporting Member (three persons)

Mr. Rei Inada
Mr. Minoru Tabata
One other person

Articles of incorporation / Bylaws

Financial Report