COVID-19 Guidelines 4th Edition

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced that “mask wearing is based on individual choices and respect for personal judgment,” and based on the trends of other organizations of similar board games, a consciousness survey conducted in March 2023, and advice from medical experts, the guidelines have been revised.

(Revised on April 12, 2023)


<Point of Relaxation>

Mask wearing is left to the judgment of individuals. Accordingly, the provision limiting meals in the playing room and analysis of games has been removed. In addition, since COVID-19 has a low risk of transmission, the provision prohibiting players from handshaking at the start and end of games has also been removed.


<Point of Continued Restrictions>

To reduce the risk of infection, participants cannot attend the tournament if they have a fever or obvious physical discomfort. Even if there is no fever or obvious physical discomfort, if there are symptoms such as coughing or sneezing due to allergies such as pollen, the organizer may require mask wearing at their discretion. Although the risk of contact transmission is low, about 40% of respondents in the aforementioned survey answered “asking for the opponent’s hand sanitization,” so hand sanitization will be carried out before each game.

The organizers must provide a low-risk environment by conducting temperature checks, ensuring sufficient ventilation, and regularly sanitizing equipment.



(1) Contact the staff and leave the playing room immediately if you have a fever or feel unwell.

(2) Mask wearing in the playing room is left to the individual’s judgment. However, in case of fever or obvious physical discomfort as judged by the organizer, follow the above (1). Even if there is no obvious physical discomfort, in case of coughing or sneezing due to allergies such as pollen, you may be required to always (*1) wear a new non-woven mask correctly (*2) at the discretion of the organizer.

(*1) It is allowed to remove the mask briefly during meals and when eating and drinking snacks.

(*2) Covering both the mouth and nose.

(3) Sanitize hands before each game.

(4) Spectators and staff must also follow the above (1), (2), and (3).


Participants are deemed to have agreed to comply with these guidelines by participating in the tournament.


In addition, the organizer must do the following:


(1) Conduct temperature checks every day before the first game starts.

(2) Check the playing room conditions and ensure necessary ventilation.

(3) Regularly sanitize game boards, pieces, clocks, etc.


This English version is for reference purposes only. The Japanese version shall prevail.