Japan Chess Championship, GWO Results

The championship and Golden Week Open finished yesterday. There were so many great games in both tournaments everyday! Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winners! The presentation of the Argentine Republic Cup by the mister Mr. Campoy was performed at the closing ceremony. A very special THANK YOU to Mr. Campoy for staying late and presenting the Cup to FM Aoshima. And CONGRATULATIONS to FM Aoshima for becoming Japan Chess Champion in 2019!

Japan Chess Championship Top 4:
1st place: FM Aoshima, Mirai 9.5pt
2nd place: IM Kojima, Shinya 8.5pt
3rd place: IM Nanjo, Ryosuke 7pt
4th place: Asaka, Samuel 6.5pt

Golden Week Open Top 5:
1st place: Matsumura, Kokoro 5pt
2nd place: Yokoyama, Yuichi 5pt
3rd place: Nakagawa, Seiji 5pt
4th place: Maeshima, Hiroaki 5pt
5th place: Fretel, Liza 4.5pt

Japan Championship Income Expenses   GWO Income Expenses
Entry(54) 1080000     Entry(50) 330000  
Tshirt sale (9) 16200          
Prizes   100000       55000
Plaque   7923       5757
Shirts   89820       0
Pins   32670       0
Arbiter fees   150000       73000
Venue rental   364400       97000
Supplies   5007        
Banner   10060        
Transportation   4030        
Consumables   42694        
Volunteer fees   6000       5000
Total income 1096200       330000  
Expense total   812604       235757
Total leftover   283596       94243