Japan Rapid Chess Championship and Rapid Chess Challenge! results

It was not a successful tournament financially but it sure was worth having this kind of tournament, especially a tournament like Rapid Chess Challenge! We will continue to encourage new and beginner players to come join in tournaments!

The results for Japan Rapid Chess Championship:
Open Category
1st place: FM Aoshima, Mirai 8/10pts
2nd place: FM Yamada, Kohei 8/10pts
3rd place: CM Averbukh Alex 7.5/10pts
4th place: Higashino, Tetsuo 7/10pts
5th place: Schweizer, Simon 7/10pts

Challenger Category
1st place: Okamoto Naoto 5.5/10pts
2nd place: Tomii Yoshikatsu 5/10pts
3rd place: Kobayashi Hidehiko 5/10pts
4th place: Honda Yoshiki 4.5/10pts
5th place: Fukuda Toyoaki 4.5/10pts

The results for Rapid Chess Challenge!:
1st place: Yasuno, Naoki 5/5pts
2nd place: Tomizawa, Nozomu 4/5pts
3rd place: Arai, Yuki 4/5pts
4th place: Koyama, Shuzo 4/5pts
5th place: Watanabe, Yasuo 4/5pts

  Income Expense
Rapid Champioship(34) 102000  
Rapid Chess Challenge!(28) 42000  
Prizes   40000
Arbiter fees   42500
Venue rental   126700
Supplies   474
Transportation   4750
Volunteer fees   6500
Total income 144000  
Total Expenses   220924
Deficit   76924