Selection criteria for Japan Chess Championship 2022

1.  Top 5 players from Japan Chess Championship 2021 including top female, top senior and top junior player

2. Top player of Japan Rapid Chess Championship 2021

3. Top 2 players of University Chess Championship 2021

4. Top 2 players from Japan Women’s Championship and Japan Senior Chess Championship 2021

5. Top player of Japan Youth Chess Championship 2022 in each U18, U16, U14 category

6. Top 5 players from Japan Chess Classic and Japan Open 2021

*For 1 through 6, if the top player does not belong to Japan Chess Federation under FIDE, the top player with Japanese FIDE ID will also qualify from the tournament

7. Top 20 players listed on NCS January 2022 Rating list
(Active players* only, excluding qualified players from above 1 through 6)

8. One player for every 8 participants at all qualifying tournaments held in 2022, plus 1 player from the hosting club**
(<8=1player, 9<16=2players, 17<24=3players…and so on, and excludes previously qualified players)

9. 2022 Chess Olympiad members

*Active Player – Players who have had their NCS rating calculated at least 4 times in the last 2 years.
**Each hosting club organizer decides on the term of a club qualifier

Above rules only apply to NCS yearly members. 1-time tournament members do not qualify in any tournaments.