Japan Open 2022


We stopped accepting n ew applications due to the limit in the spots.



  • Date (Dates): Thursday (National Holiday), November 3, 2022, to Sunday, November 6, 2022
  • Venue: Ota Ward Industrial Plaza Pio
    1-20-20, Minami-Kamata, Ota Ward, Tokyo (access)
  • Format: 90 min + 30 sec/move, 7 Rounds, Swiss, NCS and FIDE rated


  • Entry criteria: NCS yearly members (You need to have a FIDE ID to play at the tournament. Those who have a FIDE ID and come from abroad may be allowed 1-time tournament membership)
  • Entry fee: 10,000 yen
  • Registration: Purchase tickets through [Peatix] during the application period (Only 54 spots)

  • Entries are accepted: Between 18:00 on Saturday, September 10, 2022, and 23:59 on Monday, October 31, 2022

Playing schedule

11/3 (Thu, National Holiday)

9:30 – 10:10 Check-in

10:10  Opening Ceremony

10:30  1st Round

15:30  2nd Round


11/4 (Fri)

10:00  3rd Round

15:00 4th Round


11/5 (Sat)

10:00  5th Round

15:00  6th Round


11/6 (Sun)

10:00  7th Round

15:00  Prizegiving




  • Prizes will be given to the top 5 players. 1st 20,000 yen, 2nd 15,000 yen, 3rd 10,000 yen, 4th 8,000 yen, 5th 7,000 yen.
  • U1800: MoodCoins for Top 3 players.
  • MoodCoins for Top 15 players (except winners of U1800).
  • Tie-breaks will be used to determine winners. No two players will share the prize.
  • The top 5 players will qualify for the Japan Chess Championship 2023.

Other regulations

Tournament rules

  • Tie-breaks: 1. Buchholz Cut-1, 2. Buchholz, 3. Sonneborn-Berger, 4. Total of the ratings of the opponents, 5. Drawing of lots.
  • Default time:  If any player is not present within 30 min after the game starts, she/he shall lose the game by default. The game is not rated.
  • Pre-registered byes: Bye requests will be accepted until 18:00, the day before the tournament.  0.5 points will be awarded for pre-requested Byes, and 0 points for Bye requested after the deadline. The requested Bye for the final 2 rounds shall be given 0 points.
  • If a player has more than 2 requested byes, the player will not qualify for prizes, nor qualify for Japan Chess Championship 2023.
  • Pairing-allocated bye will be one point.
  • Pairings of the first round will be published at 20:00 the day before the tournament.
  • The organizer will provide chess equipment including clocks and score sheets. Players must use them.
  • Players must record all moves. Once the game is finished, both players sign both score sheets and hand over the original score sheets to the arbiters. Make sure the results are correct before signing.
  • All electronic devices including smartphones, tablets or smartwatches must be turned off and stored away. Players are not allowed to keep it on him/her or take it outside of the venue in a bag. When a player breaks these rules, his/her game shall be immediately lost. It is forbidden for anybody to use a mobile phone or any kind of communication device in the playing venue.
  • The pairings will be done according to the FIDE rating. If there are 2 players with the same FIDE rating, the NCS rating, titles, and the alphabetical order of the players will be used.
  • The tournament will follow FIDE rules unless otherwise stated above. (2nd illegal move – loss of the game. Pressing the clock by mistake or pressing it with the other hand which touched the pieces will also be judged as an illegal move.)

Media related rules

  • The tournament results will be posted on the Internet (chess-results.com) for reporting purposes. The game record may also be published on the Internet. Participants agree to the publication of their real names, results, and game records.
  • Observers are allowed to take photos for the first 10 minutes of each game, including the use of mobile but after 10 minutes, all mobiles have to be put away by the observers and they are not allowed to use them in the playing room. Exception for people with special permission.
  • Individuals who wish to use photos or videos of participants (during games, award ceremonies, etc.) must be careful to protect their privacy. In addition to obtaining comprehensive consent in advance, for example, in the case of minors, the permission of their guardians must be obtained, and due consideration must be given to the protection of personal information and portrait rights.
  • The organizer will take photos, record videos, and broadcast the event live. These may be published and used in media such as websites, SNS, video sites, and journals managed by NCS. Participants shall agree to the publication and live broadcast of these photos and videos.

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • All players have to follow the COVID-19 Guidelines Revised. In addition, the players have to agree to the rules of Stricter COVID-19 measures while the stricter COVID-19 measures are to be applied.
  • No observers are allowed without permission. Please contact NCS. You need to have permission by email the day before the tournament starts. However, one parent or guardian per underage participant is allowed in the venue.

Other rules

  • The organizer reserves the right for changing the above conditions in case of reasonable cases before the first round begins.
  • Due to the nature of the venue, there may be unavoidable changes to the duration of the event or the event may be cancelled.
  • If cancellation is made before the day 7-days before the registration deadline and the number of participants has not reached the maximum number, a refund will be made. No refunds will be made for any reason after the day 7-days before the registration deadline or when the maximum number of participants has been reached.
  • NCS cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur between individuals.

Organizer and Sponsorship


National Chess Society of Japan