Shimokita Street Chess 2023


Date/Time:2023/4/30(Sun)  12:00~17:00

On April 30, 2023 (Sun)12:00~17:00, a chess corner will open in the 12th Shimokita Meijinsen, an event held every year on the last days of April. There are many other board-game exhibitions in the event, which you can check in the link below.

12th Shimokita Meijinsen (Japanese)

the chess corner will take place at the square under the Keio Line girder bridge, right outside the Shimokitazawa Station of Odakyu Line and Keio Inokashira Line. No entry fee nor application is required, so please join us freely.


Rule Explanation and Playing Corner

Guests can have lectures and guidance games from our event staff. There are boards placed to use freely, so guests can play with each other.


Photo spot with giant chess pieces

A giant chess set will be opened freely as a photo spot.

Hoodies with chess designs will be sold

A limited number of hoodies with chess motifs on the chest will be sold.

The hoodies can be chosen from 2 sizes (M, L) and 4 colors (White, Beige, Light blue, Black).

Price: 9,000 Yen (There is a limit in the stock)

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2022  Japan Chess Champion FM Aoshima Mirai Simul Event

You can join a simultaneous ehibition match against FM Aoshima Mirai, the champion of 2022 Japan Chess Championship.


Simul match 1: 12:45~13:45 Entry: first 10 players to arrive (Entry starts at 12:15)

Simul match 2: 16:00~17:00 Entry: 10 players randomly chosen from the entry list (Entry starts at 14:00, lottery starts at 15:50)