Abolition of COVID-19 Guidelines

One year has passed since the fourth revision of the COVID-19 guidelines last April, when the wearing of masks became optional and post-game analysis and handshaking resumed, among other relaxations. The guidelines themselves have been decided to be abolished except for some items that will be continued. The decision was made to retain only those items deemed necessary in light of recent trends among players at recent tournaments, the status of measures taken at various events and other competitions after the transition to Category 5 under the infectious disease control law, and advice from medical experts.


In the federation-organized tournaments, only the following two items will continue to be included in the tournament regulations, and daily temperature checks and disinfection of the board and pieces will be discontinued.  This will apply to tournaments held in May or later.

  • If a player has a fever or is feeling unwell, he/she must take the initiative to prevent the spread of infection in accordance with good sportsmanship, notify the staff, and leave the tournament venue immediately. If the organizer deems that a person is obviously ill, he/she may be required to leave the venue.
  • The wearing of masks in the venue is left to the discretion of the individual. Even in cases where there is no obvious physical illness, the organizers may ask participants to wear a new non-woven mask if they have symptoms such as coughing or sneezing due to hay fever or other allergies.