2020 Japan Chess Championship qualifying tournaments

We will add qualifying tournaments as we receive…

Shizuoka Chess Championship 2020
Dates: February 11
Details will be posted as soon as they are available
Chiba Chess Championship 2020
Dates: February 22, 23
Location: Chiba Shimin Kaikan (7min from JR Chiba Station)
Format: 6R Swiss, 45min+30sec/move 
Entry Fee: 4000yen (University students 3000yen, high school and younger 2000yen) Please pay at the venue with the exact change 
Contact: Chiba Chess Club Mr. Ogasa
Email: sunking@navy.plala.or.jp
*Please write full name, NCS ID and bye requests. If you live in Chiba, please note that as well.


Aichi Chess Championship 2020
Dates: February 24, Venue opens at 9:00, R1 starts at 9:40
Location: Nagoya City performing Arts Centre (6th floor Meeting Room)
Format: 30min + 30sec/move, 4 Rounds Swiss
Entry Fee: 3,000yen (payable at the registration. 2,500yen if wired by the 17th)
Contact: Nagoya Chess Club Mr. Horie nagoyachessclub@gmail.com
Please see the details HERE.
Osaka En Passant Chess Club 
Dates: March 1 (Sun), Venue opens at 10:00, R1 starts at 10:30
Location: Osaka Tsurumi ward centre (Meeting Room 3)
Format: 35min + 30sec/move Fischer, 4R
Entry Fee: 2,000yen
Contact: osakaenpassant@gmail.com
Maximum entries: 20



Hokkaido Chess Championship
Dates: March 21, 22  Venue opens at 8:50, R1 starts at 9:30
Location: “Kaderu 27” Room 1010 (2 Jyou nishi, 7 cho-me, Kita, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)
Format: 40min + 30sec/move, 5R
Entry Fee: 3,000yen, Students: 1,500yen  Payable at the venue
Contact: sapporochessclub@gmail.com
*Register up to the day before the tournament. Please bring a clock if you have one.

Kobe Chess Club Hyogo Chess Championship
Dates: March 22 8:50
Location:Kobe Higashinaga Kumin centre 2nd floor
Format:4 Rounds: 1,2R – 30min + 10sec/move, 3,4R – 35min + 10sec/move
Entry Fee:Adults: 3000yen, Junior/High school students: 2000yen, Elementary students: 1000yen
You need to be an NCS member (You can purchase or renew on the day of the tournament)
*Lunch can be purchased for 500yen with a drink
Please contact by 3/18 if you want to order
Registration contact:Mr. Okada 090—6555—2775 mitsvsop@gmail.com
Please let us know if you are already qualified for Japan Championship, if you want to buy lunch, if you request a bye and where you reside. Please be on time for pairings.

Tohoku Area Qualifying Tournament
Dates: March 28, Saturday
Location: Sendaishi Toroku Community Centre
Format: 45min + 30sec/move, 4R or 75min no increment
Entry Fee: 2000yen, U20 1000yen