NCS Rapid Online League

The NCS Rapid Online League is held on May 24 and will have live streaming on NCS’s official Youtube channel!

May 24 (Sun) 13:00~

Tournament link: Rapid Online League

5 Rounds Swiss, Rapid
Time control: 15min + 10sec/move

Round 1 — 13:00-
10min in between each round

Top 20 players in Japan were invited and following 12 are playing this Sunday!

Aoshima Mirai
Baba Masahiro
Higashino Tetsuo
Hirao Satoshi
Iinuma Paul
Kobayashi Atsuhiko
Nakahara Kan
Nakamura Naohiro
Otawa Yuto
Shiomi Ryo
Tran Thanh Tu
Yamada Kohei

Tournament will be on
Organized by NCS

The NCS official Channel

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  1. Tran Thanh Tu 4 / 5 points
  2. Higashino Tetsuo 4 points
  3. Baba Masahiro 3.5 points


NCS Rapid Online League