Asia Pacific Championship U16 on lichess platform

Organized by The Chess Academy in Hong Kong.

Who can join?  Every chess school or player from the Asia Pacific Region.

– What is the Entry Fee?  FREE!

What is the age limit?  We will be organizing different sections for different ages: Under 8,12,16

Where will we host the competitions?  We will be using the platform.

Which system will we be using?  A dynamic division system. That means that after every competition the best teams will climb to the higher division and the teams in the last places will go down to the lower one.

When will this competition start?  Our plan is to start the first competition by the end of 2020, with a new tournament every 2 weeks.

What makes this competition unique?  It’s tailored specifically to the players from this region that have (1) similar Time Zones, (2) our GM coaches will give the players a brief free warmup lecture at every tournament, and (3) players will be able to compete with amazing young chess talents from all across the Asia Pacific Region!

Are there any prizes?  The winning team will be awarded a game review by the GM!


Tournament Format:


Time control: 10+5

(We will create a team tournament in groups of 10 with 10leaders to score for the final ranking, every team can join as many kids as you can but just born after 2004. We will do a league of 4 tournaments. In each tournament the bottom 3 of each group will go down to the next group and the Top 3 will go up to the next group. The winner of the main group in the 4th tournament will be awarded with a prize!)

Tentative schedule for the tournament:

Leg 1: Saturday Nov 21 – 6:00pm

Leg 2: Saturday Nov 28 – 6:00pm

Leg 3: Saturday Dec 12 – 6:00pm

Leg 4: Saturday Dec 19 – 6:00pm

To join this FREE The Asia Pacific Championship U16, please click here and fill in the registration form.