New NCS Rapid rating calculation

New NCS Rapid rating system

“Rapid” game is a game that each player has more than 10 min but less than 60 min total. NCS has Standard rating and Rapid rating starting December 2020.

The NCS Standard rating to be used for initial calculation

When calculating a Rapid rating for the first time, NCS Standard rating will be used. If a player does not have an NCS Standard rating, the following rating will be used to calculate the initial rating. (1)NCS standard, (2)FIDE rapid, (3)FIDE standard, (4)FIDE blitz.

(We had originally planned on using FIDE Rapid rating system to calculate Nagoya’s Chubu Rapid Open results but the decision was made shortly after the tournament was held that NCS will use NCS Standard rating for initial NCS Rapid rating calculation. We apologize for the confusion that this decision may have caused.)


For a game to be rated on the Rapid list, each player must have more than ten minutes but less than sixty minutes. (FIDE Rating Regulations)