May Rating List

Rating List NCS2021-05-01 (PDF) NCS2021-05-01 (EXCEL)

April Rating List

Rating List An updated version is published. Please see the one dated April 2nd. NCS2021-04-02 (PDF) NCS2021-04-02 (EXCEL)

March Rating List

Rating List NCS2021-03-01 (PDF) NCS2021-03-01  (EXCEL)

February Rating List

Rating List There was an error in the rating list published on February 1st. Please see…

New NCS Rapid rating calculation

New NCS Rapid rating system “Rapid” game is a game that each player has more than…

January 2021 Rating List

Rating List NCS2021-01-02 (PDF) NCS2021-01-02 (Excel) Included in the calculation Period subjected to the calculation is…

Rating Lists 2021

The announcement date is scheduled for the 1st of every month, but it may change due…

December 2020 Rating List

NCS2020-12-01 (PDF)

November 2020 Rating List

NCS2020-11-04 – リスト NCS2020-11-04 (Excel) November NCS rating is up. (calculation includes from tournaments held between…

October 2020 Rating List

NCS2020-10-01 October NCS rating is up. (calculation includes from tournaments held between August 21 and September…