NCS new executive election

1. About NCS Executive Election

NCS will have an online election in January 2022 to select a new executive member to take the role of the current president.

2. Process

  • Step 1:Deadline for submission – November 10th 2021
  • Step 2:More details about the online election and bio/introduction of candidates will be posted in the December newsletter as well as on the website here
  • Step 3:Online election process will be published in the January newsletter and here
  • Step 4:Online election will be held sometime in mid-January

3. Candidate

GONDA Gentataro 権田源太郎 MANABE Hiroshi 真鍋浩 OGASA Seiichi 小笠誠一 TOYAMA Leo 遠山玲央 (*alphabetical order)

4. About voting

  • Only the yearly NCS members as of November 10th will have the right to vote
  • For those who have the right to vote and do want to vote will have to notify NCS by a set date
    • To make sure the election is done fairly, NCS will check the voters’ membership status by receiving an email from each voter
    • If NCS does not receive an email from a member, it is assumed that the member is forfeiting to vote
    • The period of submitting such email will be set soon.
    • Election process will be overseen by two NCS members: a current volunteer and an active player

5. Link

New NCS executive director, helpers and volunteers recruitment