Sunday Cup 2022


This year’s NCS online tournament has started!

The first tournament has already finished. This is an online tournament to determine the best online player, but it is open to everyone from beginners to advanced players. We look forward to seeing many participants from all over Japan.


  • There will be three Open Qualifiers (OP) held once a month. The twelve players ranked first through fourth in each will compete in the Grand Final (GF) to determine the whole tournament winners
  • 15 min+10 sec/move, 5 Rounds, Swiss, NCS non-rated
    This is the same format for both the OP and GF
  • OP#1: 10/16(Sun)
    OP#2: 11/13(Sun)
    OP#3: 12/4(Sun) 
    GF: 2023/1/15(Sun)
  • On (Both paid and free accounts can enter)


  • NCS members only (yearly or 1-time tournament members)
  • Entry fee: 1,500 yen per tournament entry  (32 spots for each qualifier tournament)
    Last year’s finalists are invited free of entry fee
  • Registration: Purchase tickets through Peatix during the registration period

    OP#1 entries are accepted between 18:00 on 9/20(Tue) 23:59 on 10/14(Fri)
    OP#2 entries are accepted between 19:00 on 10/16(Sun) and 23:59 on 11/11(Fri)
    OP#3 entries are accepted between 18:00 on 11/13(Sun) and 23:59 on 12/2(Fri)
    The top 4 finishers from each open qualifier will not be allowed to participate in the later open qualifiers.
  • The top 4 finishers from each open qualifier will be invited to the Grand Final. If a qualified player declines to participate, there will be no replacement.


Reception 12:30 – 12:50
Round 1 13:00
Round 2 14:00
Round 3 15:00
Round 4 16:00
Round 5 17:00


  • OP#1, OP#2, OP #3:
    1st-4,000 yen, 2nd-3,000 yen, 3rd-2,000 yen, 4th-1,000 yen
    (The top players with a perfect score will share the prize. Otherwise, tie-breaks will be used to determine the standings.)
  • Chessmood will give 20 dollars Moodoins for the top 10 players in each qualifier tournament.
  • GP: 1st-15,000 yen, 2nd-10,000 yen, 3rd-5,000 yen
  • < DIAMOND Prizes> Diamond membership for the winners!
    6 months membership for the 1st to 4th place.
    3 months membership for the 5th to 8th place.

Other rules

Tie-breaks and others

  • Tie-breaks
    (1) Sonneborn-Berger
    (2) Sum of the ratings of the opponents (the NCS rapid rating or the rapid rating of is used for non-rated players)
    (3) Drawing lots
  • Pre-registered byes shall not be accepted. Pairing-allocated bye will be one point.
  • A player who cannot play a game due to any kind of connection problem loses the game.

Fair Play

  • Games are subject to monitoring by anti-cheating software. Players must behave in fair play, with no assistance in any form including chess engines, databases, books, notes, other players, analysis on chess boards etc.  Fair play rulings by are final. Please be careful


Special rules for the Grand Final

  • Players must capture their play from behind with a video camera (or smartphone) and send the video to the arbiter’s zoom.
  • During a game, a player may leave the room only with the permission of one of the arbiters.
  • During play, the players are forbidden from using any electronic devices, notes, sources of information or advice, or analyzing any game on other chessboards.
  • Players should not have headphones in or over their ears during play.
  • Players who are judged cheating by will have their tournament results invalidated for any reason. The player will not be eligible for any prizes.
  • If a player cheats, NCS may suspend the player from the tournament.

Media related rules

  • The tournament results will be posted on the Internet ( for reporting purposes. The game record may also be published on the Internet. Participants shall agree to publish their real names, usernames, results, and game records.
  • The organizer will take photos, record videos,or livestream the event. These may be published and used in media such as websites, SNS, video sites, and journals managed by NCS. Participants shall agree to the publication and live broadcast of these photos and videos.


  • The organizer reserves the right for changing the above conditions in case of reasonable cases before the first round begins.
  • If cancellation is made before the day 3-days before the registration deadline and the number of participants has not reached the maximum number, a refund will be made. No refunds will be made for any reason after the day 3-days before the registration deadline or when the maximum number of participants has been reached.
  • NCS shall not be responsible for any problems that occur between individuals.


National Chess Society of Japan (Japan Chess Federation)



Open qualifier #1

The tournament was held on 10/16(Sun).

Sunday Cup 2022-Results

Open qualifier #2

The tournament will be held on 11/13(Sun).


Open qualifier #3

The tournament will be held on 12/4(Sun).