Change of Name, Articles of Incorporation, and Directors and Auditor, and 2022 Financial Report

The regular general meeting and the board of directors were held on March 30, and the following decisions were made.


  1. Name Change


The name of the organization has been changed to “Japan Chess Federation.”


  1. Change of Articles of Incorporation


The Articles of Incorporation, including the above name change, have been amended. The main changes are as follows;

  • Changed the main office to Taito-ku, Tokyo (details of the office relocation will be announced separately)
  • Establishment of Board of Directors and Auditors to strengthen its governance
  • Term of office for Directors and Auditors is changed to two years
  • The title of the Representative Director has been changed to “President”


  1. Directors’ appointment and retirement


  • Akihiro Yamada, Representative Director, has resigned and is now named as “Advisor.”
  • Director Hiroshi Manabe has succeeded him as Representative Director & President.
  • In addition, new directors and auditor have been appointed and the organization will be as follows


 President (Representative Director):  Hiroshi Manabe

 Director:  Yuki Kurosaka

 Director:  Taro Shinoda

 Auditor:  Taro Ozawa


  1. The financial statements for the last year have been approved and are posted on the “Japan Chess Federation Overview” page.


  1. The Bylaws has been revised in accordance with the amendment of the Articles of Incorporation.