*Important* New Payment System and Revision of Membership Fee

We have been receiving membership fees via bank transfer on every occasion (first time and renewal of the membership), but the process was time-taking for members, and the scrutinizing of the payment and revision of the yearly membership was a burden for the Federation.

From now on, by adopting the new transaction system “Paypal“, not only can the various payment means be possible, but also the retainment of the membership can be payed for automatically, simplifying the payment process.  There will not be the need to pay the bank transfer fee, either.



At the same time of the adoption of the payment system, the membership fee will be revised. The fees had been kept same as the former organization, but by lowering the price as well as removal of bank transfer fee, we aim to have more members joining us. 

The age discounts will be partly merged to simplify the table, and younger members will be discounted heavier. On the other hand, the two month extension currently applied when the retainment was done in time will be removed. The one-time tournament membership be kept with the age divisions removed.


Table of Fees Old/New


Old Fee

New Fee

Yearly Membership




Under 23




Under 19




Under 15


One-time Tournament Membership




Under 15



Members whose membership expires at the end of April will be sent a guidance mail to the new payment system.  To those who have already registered for membership retainment, we will send a confirmation mail individually.

The new payment system will start operating in May against all members.