Date2023/11/3(Fri, Hol), 11:00-15:00 


In the final day of the four day event “Bashamichi Festival”, a Chess Booth will be set up!

There are other events planned at the festival, so make sure to visit them as well.


Venue:Bashamichi Park (Near Kannai Station of JR and Yokohama Municipal Subway)


(In case of rain, the events will be cancelled.)



Knock-out Tournament

Enjoy playing under the blue sky.

The final match will be played dynamically on the big chess board built in the road.

Both player will have 5~10 minutes to play in the blitz game, and Black will advance in case of a draw.

Registration:First 16 players to arrive at the registration desk

Free to participate, so jump in the tournament!


11:00-12:00 Registration for Tournament 1 

12:00-13:00 Tournament 1

13:00-14:00 Registration for Tournament 2

14:00-15:00 Tournament 2

Time might slightly change due to various reasons.


Other Events

Relay Chess: A 5v5 team match. Participants will be randomly separated into two teams and play in a relay format.

11:00-11:15 Registration

11:15-12:00 Match


Simultaneous Match: Diego, a player who host classes and events for kids in Yokohama, will play a simul against 6 players.

12:30-    Registration

13:00-   1st Match

 13:30-   2nd Match 


Casual Matches

Between the tournaments, you can play casually with the big board or the boards on the tables.


“Evergreen Game” Book fair

“Evergreen Game”, a novel based on chess, published on 11/1, is sold and the author will write signatures.

Publication of Novel “The Evergreen Game”



Main Organizer:Bashamichi Street

Sub Organizers:Japan Chess Federation, Yokohama Chess Club




Pictures from previous events