Easing of Regulations Concerning Electronic Devices in Tournaments

In all tournaments organized by Japan Chess Federati0n, All electronic devices are to be turned off and put inside bags, based upon FIDE Anti-Cheating Rules.

However, for players who have to carry cellphones at all times to receive emergency calls due to their occupations, and those who have to put on electronic devices due to their medical conditions, having electronic devices on during rounds will be allowed, based upon permission from the organizers, limited to tournaments that are not FIDE Rated.


Due to the matters above, the regulations will be altered as below, and will be adopted from tournament regulations that will be announced from now on.


All electronic devices including smartphones, tablets or smartwatches must be turned off and stored away. Players are not allowed to keep it on him/her or take it outside of the venue in a bag. When a player breaks these rules, his/her game shall be immediately lost. It is forbidden for anybody to use a mobile phone or any kind of communication device in the playing venue.

However, if you must carry an electronic device such as a cell phone during the game due to unavoidable circumstances, please send an e-mail to japanchess.info@gmail.com with the reason for your request when you register. The organizer will permit the possession of such a device only if it is approved by the organizer after taking the circumstances into consideration.