November NCS Ratings


(Updated on 1st November)

Below is the list of tournaments used to calculate the rating list.

Date Name City
2019/09/21~22 Hiroshima Open Hiroshima
2019/09/21~22 Japan Club/Team Chess Championship 2019 Tokyo
2019/09/28 Kitasenju Chess Club Tokyo
2019/09/29, 10/06 Osaka En Passant Osaka
2019/10/05 38th Sendai Momiji Chess Tournament Sendai
2019/10/06 Nagoya Chess Club Nagoya
2019/09/22 Sapporo Chess Club Sapporo
2019/10/13~14 14th Sapporo Autumn Chess Tournament Sapporo
2019/10/20 Chiba C-League, R11, R12 Chiba

  • Matches in which one or both of the players are unrated shall not be rated.
  • For an unrated player’s first performance to count, he must play at least 4 games rated.
  • We will count JCA rating as the first NCS rating until March 2020.