NCS Rapid Online Championship 2020


Announcement for the NCS Rapid Online Championship

Following in the success of the popular Rapid Online League, we are pleased to announce that the top Japanese players are back in action!


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Qualifying Schedule

Part 1: July 12
Part 2:  August 23
Part 3: September 13
Part 4: October 25
Part 5: November 15
Part 6: December 20
*The above schedule may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, in which case we will notify you in advance

Tournament Regulations

Each of the six qualifying rounds is a five-round Swiss competition
Earn GP points based on qualifying results
Time Control: 15 min. + 10 sec./move
Best 3 out of 6 GP points will be combined as total
The top six of the total points advance to the championship game
The championship game is a round robin

GP points

1st place 20 points
2nd place 10 points
3rd place 5 points
4th-6th 3 points
7th place and below 1 point

Final Round

The final round will be held in January 24 in a round-robin format. The Rapid Online Champion will receive a plaque and a commemorative prize.


Name – Username
Mirai Aoshima – sniper_boy
Masahiro Baba – Masahirobaba
Tetsuo Higashino – westin1974
Satoshi Hirao – Cobaltcocoa
Paul Iinuma – HawaiianDragon
Hiroshi Manabe – Chikotan
Yoshitaro Matsumoto – MauriceFaure
Tomohiko Matsuo – tsuoma
Kan Nakahara – nkhrkan
Koji Noguchi – g3first
Yuto Otawa – zutomayo-fan
Tyler Scott – Nobunaga_Oda
Ryo Shiomi – wrongcastling
Masateru Suzuki – SuzMasat
Tran Thanh Tu – gm3t
Kohei Yamada – Kou88
(16 players in alphabetical order)

Live Broadcast on NCS Official YouTube Channel

Tournament Sponsors

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